A book for Little Children Called Adults

Once upon a time, in a land so close that it is here, and at a time that is now, there came a sickness that spread faster than a rumour of sexual misconduct.

To save all, would the Elders of the Seven Tribes send children across the quicksands of cancel culture, yea even into the landmined valley of political correctness and beyond, and finally risk them being deafened by the explosive self-applause of the watchful woke whose only nourishment was their self-righteousness and the blood of the freedoms they had drained from others. With no cure in sight the tribes faced a situation in which their livelihoods had gone and bartering lies for false hopes replaced currency.

But what if there was someone who might hold a key, a Keeper of Uncensored Knowledge from ‘The Book of Unsaying’ that was burned with all the others books not of the new orthodoxy of approved thoughts? Would the questing openness of children succeed where the petty tyrannies of predatory ideologies had failed?

These are The Just Not So Stories.

Would it were not so.