A lifetime of working with abused and neglected children, some the victims of organized and systematic paedophile rings involving perpetrators in positions of influence and power, has crystallized in the trilogy. Here their harrowing stories are told from the multiple perspectives of the police, schools, social workers but crucially also from the points of view of the children themselves, their carers and therapists.

This work was never intended to be an easy read. In the dedication to it Dr Conn writes:

“This trilogy is dedicated to the uncounted hundreds of abused and neglected children whose lives touched mine when my work took me to the dark places that were their unasked for worlds and to their immense courage, endurance and ultimate resilience that acted as a beacon out of that nihilistic gloom – an enduring testimony to their spirits and a lesson to me”.

Five star reviews for the work are all available on the amazon website. These include from a book club “possibly the most discussed book we have read (total nearly 100 over the last 10 years)”, “compelling but harrowing book … the plot is complex and multi layered and the character of the lapsed Muslim police Inspector adds a philosophical and poetic perspective”, “Slow to start but once into it a real page turner. Not for the faint hearted.”