A dead child – sadistically murdered – his twin missing.

A ring procuring children for the rich and powerful.

A sinister organisation led by a shadowy figure known only as, ‘The Stoatmaster’ whose cold tentacles seemingly stretch unendingly so that no place and no one is safe – not even the police.

A Muslim detective, himself a twin, whose background renders others suspicious of him. His ruthless intelligence and tenacity converge to an obsession with finding the missing child and her brother’s killer. His problem - he wants to leave the police. One last case can be a case too far when a child’s face relentlessly haunts you - pulling you further into the abyss and your own family is in danger of disintegration.

When depravity is licenced by money and everything, even a child, has a price, the only word left is ‘evil’.

WARNING! The theme and style of the trilogy represents adult reading and contains material that may act as a trigger for those who have experienced sexual abuse as children. If anyone reading this is affected by any of the issues please seek help from the sources listed below: