Someone is killing children.  Inspector Rahman Khan does not know who, where or how many intended victims there are. He knows only that they will die unless he gets to them first.
Is something thwarting efforts to find the Stoatmaster or is he just not up to the task?  
A religious sect called the Farm led by the enigmatic Sister Cade beckons mysteriously.
Is pressure to infiltrate a London Mosque suspected of links to trafficked children a lead or a diversion?
A whistle blower in the Five Eyes Network leaks information that warns the Stoatmaster how close they are and puts a price in Bitcoins on the head of Rahman Khan.
When there is no one left to rely on how do you know you can trust yourself?
A secret so deadly that anyone who knows it dies. And now Rahman Khan knows that secret.

WARNING! The theme and style of the trilogy represents adult reading and contains material that may act as a trigger for those who have experienced sexual abuse as children. If anyone reading this is affected by any of the issues please seek help from the sources listed below: