Rahman Khan cannot leave the police. At least not yet.
He has a new team, a new supervising officer and an old obsession - to finish what he had hoped would be his one last case - if it will let him.
Driven to find a virtual foe known only as the Stoatmaster – behind the procurement of children for wealthy and powerful paedophiles he must first solve the riddle of the Purples.
The abyss of the dark web looms and beckons.
Another fugitive they cannot find – this time of flesh and bones - the killer of a colleague, the sadistic abuser of children – someone who is to them evil incarnate,  indivisible, inescapable – and seemingly as elusive as the Stoatmaster.

They cannot find this creature – but it can find them.

WARNING! The theme and style of the trilogy represents adult reading and contains material that may act as a trigger for those who have experienced sexual abuse as children. If anyone reading this is affected by any of the issues please seek help from the sources listed below: