For some 40 years Dr Billy Conn worked with the children, their families and the abusers. The nature of the abuse he dealt with ranged from isolated incidents to more organised and systematic paedophile rings, sometimes involving people in positions of influence and power. This subterranean world both intrigued and appalled him. He quickly learned that where there is an appetite, however perverted, people and systems will emerge to meet it.

Coming to conclusion that a case by case approach or writing in arcane journals was unlikely to have the impact needed to help the wider public understand what is going on, Dr Conn came to feel a need to expose the full horror of the world of so many victims, to the widest possible scrutiny. Thus he decided to share his experiences in the form of this trilogy which seeks to present an account from the different perspectives o police, parents, schools, lawyers, social workers, the perpetrators and crucially the child victims.

The overarching title of the Trilogy is ‘Sleepers of the Cave’.

Volume one: ‘To Kill One’

Volume two: ‘By the Waters of Tasnim’

Volume three: ‘The Zaqum Tree’