An Inquiry into torture on British soil. The judge's daughter is missing. The time for orthodoxy passed.

Enter Marc Logadon - ex mathematician and ex security services. The Judge is advised at the highest level to consult him. From the start they neither like nor trust another.

A case with no clues is bad enough, but one with too many, including a machine called a synchrotron that crops up time and time again! Then an old foe regarded as one of the most dangerous men on the international espionage network re-emerges. What is the basis of the enmity between these two men and will it get in the way of finding the missing girl?

The maverick Marc Logadon trust no one apart from his own oddball team of a one armed female bomb disposal expert, an ex heavyweight boxer,  and a gifted transgender hacker known as the Arachnophile.

As they close in and the body count mounts, time runs out for the judge's daughter.