The Sisterhood of Vipers

The Just Not So Stories

Imagine waking confused, your head feeling fuzzy.You have no knowledge of who you are.

One of your arms is missing, replaced by a prosthetic limb. You are wearing only a night dress that is not yours.

You do not know where you are or how you got there. You do know you are being held against your will.

Your feeling is of extreme danger but you have no idea why any of this is happening.

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Once upon a time, in a land so close that it is here, and at a time that is now, there came a sickness that spread faster than a rumour of sexual misconduct. To save all, would the Elders of the Seven Tribes send children across the quicksands of cancel culture, yea even into the landmined valley of political correctness and beyond, and finally risk them being deafened by the explosive self-applause of the watchful woke...

These are The Just Not So Stories.

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The Pupil

The Murder club

A music teacher living alone in a remote village. A strange new pupil who pays in advance for exactly twenty one lessons.

The teacher finds himself increasingly preoccupied with the pupil. Uninvited things start changing. The impression of music from the attic. A coded diary slowly relinquishes its treacherous tale.

Who is the beautiful and spirited Irish woman whose alluring wit and fondness for quoting ...

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When a classic MG he was working on collapses on Frank Doyle he died from the effects. Tragic. Yes. But an accident surely?

That was until Sergeant Kaliesha Powell started her provisional background checks and discovered ‘The Murder Club’.

Kaleisha Powell had often thought of writing a detective story. Would there ever be a better time than when faced by the combined forces of Holmes, Poirot...

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The Owned

The Garden of Lost Remembering

An Irish woman and her children sold into Caribbean slavery by Cromwell’s regime.
An historian, working on a TV series on slavery, finds her story compellingly conveyed to him through the randomness of the night. He learns how easily reason is held to ransom by the dark.
He ignores the apparent parallels in their lives till they accelerate to a collision point on the Island of Barbados.
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Memories are tricky. You can’t really trust them. Things only get worse as you get older.

What if the memory is of something that happened more than ninety years ago? When does a memory that won’t leave you alone become a haunting? Who is the tearfully pleading child whose voice she hears time and time again?

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Sleepers of the Cave Trilogy

Kingsley Cross

An Inquiry into torture on British soil. The judge's daughter is missing. The time for orthodoxy passed.

Enter Marc Logadon - ex mathematician and ex security services. The Judge is advised at the highest level to consult him. From the start they neither like nor trust another.

A case with no clues is bad enough, but one with too many, including a machine called...

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A plot hatched in a small town in the West of Ireland

An improbable alliance. A risk to all of London. And Crucible now has a new case.
No one said it was going to be easy. No one could be sure it was even possible.
But if Marc Logadon and CJ didn’t succeed, thousands would not be saying anything at all.
To prevent the slaughter they must first solve the riddle of...

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